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Be your own Virtual Network Operator

No upfront costs, no minimum commitment or penalties

Unlimited upgrades, downgrades and suspension

White label customer portal, API and hardware branding

Free smartbox and iDirect modem rental

24/7/365 online portal for managing vessel connectivity

A ground-breaking solution enabling partners to become their own 'Virtual Network Operator' offering maritime VSAT with true bandwidth on demand.

VNO Elite is a communications platform which empowers service providers to deliver high performance satellite communications services with minimal investment and unprecedented flexibility.

Move away from commoditised services with rigid terms and penalties, and operate your own VSAT service with customisable offerings that really meet the evolving needs of you and your customers, both now and in the future.

About VNO Elite

Customisable airtime service options

Create your own flexible service packages for your customers with Ku-band, L-band and 4G/5G/LTE options. Extensive Ku-band bandwidth options are available from 64Kbps to 20Mbps.

True bandwidth on-demand

Upgrade and downgrade vessel plans with immediate effect, at any time, through a customer portal supporting the seasonal, operational and emerging needs of your customers.

Airtime flexibility without penalty

Your customers can benefit from unlimited Ku-band airtime upgrades, downgrades and suspensions, without penalties, minimum term contracts, early termination fees or a restrictive fair usage policy.

Operate your own virtual network, easily and with minimal investment

Brand the portal with our 'white label' offering, or benefit from the VNO Elite API enabling seamless integration of your own customer portals with the functionality of VNO Elite.

Support end-user cost savings and budget optimisation

Your customers will enjoy superior, fit for purpose connectivity, whilst saving money. ​They will no longer have to overbuy bandwidth to accommodate spikes in demand, only paying for what they use.

Dedicated Management Portal

VNO Elite provides you with a one-stop management portal and control suite for the implementation of your own flexible, satellite communications service, enabling:

  • Management of your clients’ vessels and users, with the ability to upgrade, downgrade and suspend airtime packages.
  • Define end-user customer access and functionality based on your preferences.
  • Live network monitoring featuring WAN uptime, vessel positioning and historic tracking, Ku-band beam coverage and weather conditions.
  • Full reporting suite featuring data usage and speed statistics.
  • Access to our professional platform straight out of the box, or the ability to operate your own branded portal using the VNO Elite API.

High performance futureproof network and platform

Operating on the industry leading Intelsat Ku-Band network designed for mobility, the low contention and organically growing network behind VNO Elite delivers seamless, high performance connectivity through exceptional Ku-band coverage, covering all key sailing routes

  • True CIR (Committed Information Rate) guarantees service quality.
  • Leading 99.5% SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Over 35 geo-stationary satellites, including the latest High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

Onboarding and training

VNO Elite partners benefit from a professional and thorough end-to-end onboarding process to ensure seamless integration and enhancement of their product portfolio.

Available as a 'white label' option so you can use your own brand, or with our API enabling the VNO Elite platform to be integrated into your current systems, customer portals or websites.

Our expert teams can offer training on all aspects of the service where required.

Free supporting hardware

Switching customers over to VNO Elite couldn’t be easier with free rental of our IPSignature4 smartbox for network management, monitoring and support, as well as an iDirect Modem.

VNO Elite is compatible with a wide range of Ku-band equipment; we recommend the Intellian NX Ku-band VSAT systems for best performance and coverage, and our wholesale rates will support you in being able to deliver excellent value ‘end user’ pricing. 

World class technical support

VNO Elite is supported by Satcom Global’s Technical Support team and Network Operation Centre which service providers will have direct access to 24/7/365. Second line customer support can also be provided by Satcom Global but in the service providers name. 

Proactive monitoring and priority diagnostics coupled with hands-on assistance from our expert team, means service quality remains high and any issues find resolution quickly.


Global engineering services

Satcom Global operates a dedicated in-house engineering service with strategic hubs around the world to support your VNO Elite rollout. 

Our experienced team of multi-skilled engineers are accredited to install and maintain a wide range of maritime satellite communications equipment from many of the leading hardware manufacturers.

Benefits for your customers in Commercial Shipping

Empower your customers to:

  • Deploy enough bandwidth using our flexible platform to support both ongoing and emerging needs.
  • Temporarily upgrade their bandwidth to carry out remote inspections, audits or online training sessions.
  • Operate with cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365, collaborate with those on shore using Teams and video call over Zoom.
  • Reward hard working crew members by upping bandwidth to stream a key sporting or TV event enhancing crew welfare and boosting morale.
  • Lower their plan or even suspend their service whilst in port or dry dock without penalty, to save money.

Benefits for your customers in the Leisure market

Empower your customers to:

  • Boost their bandwidth when guests and owners come onboard for a VIP connectivity experience, even at short notice.
  • Not pay for premium bandwidth when off charter, simply lower their bandwidth plan to suit their needs.
  • Use our portal to access ample data for all operational requirements, whilst also providing a first class online service for guests onboard.
  • Suspend their communications service when yacht repairs or lengthy marina stays are required.

Benefits for your customers operating in Commercial Fishing

Empower your customers to:

  • Only pay for bandwidth during the fishing season, saving money!
  • If customers have fulfilled their catch quota for the month or they are not fishing, simply lower their bandwidth or suspend service, with no penalty.
  • Use high performance Ku-band to support catch reporting, navigation systems and other applications.
  • Up bandwidth in the event of an emergency incident onboard to access video calling or telemedicine services.
  • Benefit from an ultra reliable network to support all eventualities, when operating for extended periods of time in deep, remote and inhospitable waters.

Benefits for your customers in Offshore and Energy

Empower your customers to: 

  • Save money by only paying for satellite communications when their vessels are in operation.
  • Deploy the Ku-band VSAT service for vessel charters at extremely short notice.
  • Use your on-demand portal to fulfil any emerging requirements for bandwidth hungry applications whilst on charter, such as video streaming or heavy data transfer services.
  • When a charter is over, lower their bandwidth to the level they require or suspend service until they need it again.
  • Attract and retain charter customers with access to impressive technological solutions onboard their vessels, whilst controlling costs.

Enabling your customers to access to more applications than ever before

  • Cloud based solutions for office at sea such as Microsoft 365
    and Microsoft Teams
  • Video conferencing solutions such as Zoom and Skype
  • Streaming of sporting events, TV and entertainment
  • Online training
  • Telemedicine
  • IOT and Monitoring Solutions such as fuel monitoring and CCTV

If you would like to find out more about VNO Elite and how the high performance platform empowers you to create the VSAT solution your customer needs, please get in touch.

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